What Is Considered a Green Roof ?

What Is a Green Roof In Houston?

To determine what constitutes eco-friendly Houston roofing, we will need to consider first just what a roof actually does. First, and foremost, a roof keeps rainwater away from our heads and safeguards the walls and interiors of our houses; second, a roof keep us safe from flames; third, they add to the curb appeal of our homes; and finally, a Houston roof can provide heat abatement.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

There are several Houston roofing materials which have eco-friendly qualities and have been used for hundreds of years. Slate, clay tile, and wooden shake all come from mother nature and have better toughness than asphalt shingles. Granted they are usually more pricey, and you need a competent Houston roofing contractor for the installation, but they are generally worth the added cost in durability, insulation capability, and eco-friendliness. In Houston, metal roofing has grown into one of the more popular eco-friendly roofing materials. Most metal roofing is made up of reused material. Metal roofing materials are often created to look like any of the other styles of roofing product. Metal roofing gives better insulation capacity compared to asphalt roofing shingles, and has a much longer service life.

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Some Green Roofs are Garden Roofs

Whenever you hear the saying eco-friendly roof, you might conjure up images of good for the environment, flat garden roofs having multiple varieties of drought-tolerant green vegetation spouting up. Green roofing made up of plant life weigh about fifteen lbs for every sq. Ft., frequently demanding additional structural reinforcement. Green roofs are often flat roofs or those that have a shallow incline. Also, these types of garden-variety eco-friendly roofs need to be irrigated and weeded routinely. Most homeowners don’t possess the desire to be that eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Roofing

So what alternative factors can contribute to a Houston roof to be classified as eco-friendly? Whenever deciding what is green and what’s not, there are various components to consider, such as the raw material source and composition, strength, life cycle, upkeep, and disposal.

Typically There Are Tradeoffs

An exceedingly sturdy and efficient material (for example metal roofing) may need extra power to create. Price and ease of installation aren’t essential eco-friendly qualities but are typical issues with your selection. A high-performance Houston roofing material in conjunction with a well-insulated attic space will help to make your house dry and warm in the winter and cool during summer. Your roofing material is the last level of protection from the outdoor climate and inside heat loss. For additional information about eco-friendly roofing for your home, find a local Houston roofing contractor