(KEE) Ketone Ethylene Ester Membrane

Best Roofing Membrane

When it comes to release-ply roofing membranes, it is hard to beat (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane. The use of (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane has been gaining popularity in Texas because of its fantastic waterproofing safeguard and lightweight design.

Commercial Roofing/

(KEE) Ketone ethylene ester membrane is a lightweight, release-ply vinyl that is extremely simple to install. Most types of manufactured (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane materials require a commercial roofing contractor to install the membrane using simple hot air bonding techniques.  This hot air bonding makes a seamless molecular bond between each sheet of membrane.

Easy Install or Repair

Because (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is a specially designed vinyl that requires no torching or adhesives to install, these roofing materials are simple to repair. The membrane also ruins highly flexible with age, building it simple to uncover the substructure for repairs.  If a roof made of (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane ever needs to be repaired, your roofing contractor has to place a patch over the repair area and use hot air to bond the patch to the rest of the membrane.

No Tear-Off

A further fantastic advantage to (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is that it can be used to replace some types of built-up roofs lacking having to tear off the ancient roof.  The roofing contractor can lay the new vinyl release-ply membrane over the existing roof and bond the sheets together. (KEE) is a fantastic option for some types of ancient buildings where the existing roof would be hard to remove without causing harm to the substructure.

Uneven Structures

The best use for (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is on roofs that have a lot of variation in the decking substructure. The membrane can be laid down over uneven substructures and bonded together to provide a fantastic safeguard against water leaks.