It’s Hurricane Season 2021

Preparing for Hurricane Season: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Harvey

Hurricane season is back and unfortunately, the potential for another disaster like Hurricane Harvey has not gone away. If you live in Houston Texas or anywhere near a hurricane-prone area, it’s important to be prepared with supplies and an evacuation plan. We have learned many lessons from Hurricane Harvey and the flooding and water damage it caused.

Be Prepared

To prepare for a hurricane, we recommend stocking up on at least three days worth of water and food. We also highly suggest that you invest in a NOAA weather radio to receive updates from the National Weather Service should another storm approach your area! Make sure to have reliable communication channels as well so that if disaster does strike, you can reach out for directions and help.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Below is a list of more ways to prepare for a hurricane so you are ready when the time comes.

  • Waterproof your home by caulking and repairing leaky windows, doors, decks, and even electrical outlets.
  • Fill up bathtubs or other large containers with water in case of an emergency that leaves you without access to clean drinking water.
  • Have at least $500 cash on hand since most banks will not be open during the storm unless they have special evacuation plans available for their customers.


You cannot withdraw money from ATMs if power has been lost! We recommend withdrawing any remaining funds before the storm arrives just in case this happens. Make sure your debit card can work offline. Hopefully, Houston can weather another hurricane season without a disaster like Harvey but we must be prepared for the worst.

A Decision For An Energy-Efficient Roof

Why Metal?

Like pretty much everything else in at Sheepdog Hollow, the 100-year-old farmhouse we’re renovating, the roof needs to be replaced. With decisions now made about what type of windows and front door we’re going to install, it was time to look upward. Moreover, since our goal is to renovate this house as greenly, but also as economically as possible, I began checking out the different roofing options.

Metal Roofing Has A Long Service Life

My first inclination was to go for a metal roof. My grandparent’s 19th-century farmhouse in Meadow TX has one – it’s the original as far as I know. (The farm and home, by the way, are named Lone Jack, because the property was reportedly won in a card game with a lone jack.) The metal roof currently on Monticello, the elegant country home built by Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century, is also tin, restored to look and behave just like the one the great intellect and statesman had installed toward the end of his life.

Green Building

Since ensuring that things last for generations is part of the goal of green building, I was ready to put in a standing seam metal roof, if only for the romance of it. Fortunately, it turns out, the vast majority of roofing materials that qualify for the Energy Star rating – which can help earn you a federal tax credit – also are metal.

The Energy Star Rating

The reason, according to the Energy Star website, is their ability to reflect the sun and keep unwanted heat from entering the house: Why choose ENERGY STAR reflective roofing for your building?

• ENERGY STAR qualified roof products reflect more of the sun’s rays. This can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building.
• ENERGY STAR qualified roof products can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings and can reduce peak cooling demand by 10–15 percent.

Americans spend about $40 billion annually to air condition buildings — one-sixth of all electricity generated in this country. The website also has a handy calculator to help estimate how much money installing an energy-efficient roof can save. I was sold, but then I ran smack into Martin’s considerations. He didn’t want a metal roof. “They’re ugly,” he said, “plain and simple.”  “I like plain and simple,” I said, hoping he’d forget the Doric columns I’d insisted on for the side porch. “No, a house like Sheep Dog deserves a cedar roof. It will look beautiful,” he said.


Since I had won the debate about a new front door – with his grudging agreement, we opted for an energy-efficient fiberglass door with foam insulation – I decided to checkout cedar shingles and their green qualifications. It was clear that none of them win any Energy Star points, so I had to look for other sustainable attributes in cedar. Obviously, they’re wood, from a tree, which can be regrown. However, I’d also heard they were far more expensive than regular shingles. I was leery about them. So, I decided that while researching them, I’d also check out other green roofing options. After all my research I came away with the winning opinion. Metal wins hands down! So metal roofing it is.

(KEE) Ketone Ethylene Ester Membrane

Best Roofing Membrane

When it comes to release-ply roofing membranes, it is hard to beat (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane. The use of (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane has been gaining popularity in Texas because of its fantastic waterproofing safeguard and lightweight design.

Commercial Roofing/

(KEE) Ketone ethylene ester membrane is a lightweight, release-ply vinyl that is extremely simple to install. Most types of manufactured (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane materials require a commercial roofing contractor to install the membrane using simple hot air bonding techniques.  This hot air bonding makes a seamless molecular bond between each sheet of membrane.

Easy Install or Repair

Because (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is a specially designed vinyl that requires no torching or adhesives to install, these roofing materials are simple to repair. The membrane also ruins highly flexible with age, building it simple to uncover the substructure for repairs.  If a roof made of (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane ever needs to be repaired, your roofing contractor has to place a patch over the repair area and use hot air to bond the patch to the rest of the membrane.

No Tear-Off

A further fantastic advantage to (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is that it can be used to replace some types of built-up roofs lacking having to tear off the ancient roof.  The roofing contractor can lay the new vinyl release-ply membrane over the existing roof and bond the sheets together. (KEE) is a fantastic option for some types of ancient buildings where the existing roof would be hard to remove without causing harm to the substructure.

Uneven Structures

The best use for (KEE) ketone ethylene ester membrane is on roofs that have a lot of variation in the decking substructure. The membrane can be laid down over uneven substructures and bonded together to provide a fantastic safeguard against water leaks.


How to Generate Your Own Renewable Energy

Where to Start

For many people generating renewable energy is an extremely important aspect of greener living. This could be for a number of reasons, namely an awareness of the environment and a want to save money in the long term. There is plenty of talk in the news regarding environmental issues and why it is down to us to help keep the planet in shape. Often individuals appose forking out lots of money for their electricity, hot water, and heat, when in fact they could get rid of the supplier and provide themselves.

So you like the idea of saving our planet, and saving some money, as well?  And, How can you get involved?

Read on:

Here is an explanation of the three most popular ways to generate energy in your home. These are by no means quick and easy solutions, they require significant investment and plenty of love and care. But once in use, you will be able to sleep safely in the knowledge that you’re not damaging our planet or your bank balance.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines use the power of the wind to generate electricity. The United Kingdom is one of the windiest places in Europe and therefore a model place to generate electricity from this natural resource. As well as large-scale wind farms that generate much electricity, you can also install a smaller wind turbine on your property for personal use. Often referred to as micro-wind turbines, these can power your lighting and provide electricity for household appliances.
There are generally two different types of wind turbine. One that is in the garden or well-exposed position and one which is mounted on the roof of a house and it varies, from property to property, which is the most ideal. In some places, you can even make money from your turbines, by selling the electricity you have generated to the National Grid.

Biomass Heaters

This can be as simple as burning some wood logs or chips and heating a single room in your home or it can go further and heat up water or power the central heating. You can easily buy a biomass heater and they are relatively cheap compared with the cost of other energy generators. They would certainly be advised as a good thing to fit in your home for newcomers to green living.

What You’ll Need

You will need an area of your home, that is dry, to store your wood. Unless you have a vehicle that can collect large quantities of wood, then you will need to have your wood delivered. You must also have a chimney and flue in your home. A flue is to help air movement from the biomass heater to the outside of your house and they can be fitted to an existing chimney.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are used on the roof of your home and they capture the natural energy from the sun, using photovoltaic cells. The cells change the sunlight into electricity and this can, in turn, be used to heat water and as electricity to power household appliances as well as lighting. Free and environmentally friendly energy; what is not to like about this idea? The process of installing solar panels on your roof is, as you would expect, quite a difficult one. If you are somebody who doesn’t have much experience with DIY jobs, then you would be advised to call some professionals to do the work for you. Depending on the size of your house and roof, it is a job that can be completed in quite a short space of time. If you have extensive knowledge of DIY then you would be recommended to stock some top-of-the-range tools, such as a Makita LXT202 and a nail gun. You would, therefore, cut even more costs by not having to hire professionals.

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The Need For Water Damage Restoration

Our Changing Global Weather

Global events have shown that natural disaster recovery is, unfortunately, becoming a necessary part of life for many families and business around the world. Of course, local natural disasters can lead to flooding, excessive water damage and fire hazard requiring the services of fire and water damage restoration contractors.

Water Damage Restoration is Almost Always an Emergency

One dangerous situation that many have experienced recently is rapid flooding. Rapid flooding can lead to the need for both emergency water damage restoration  as well as the complete destruction of property that happens over a short time. For instance, rotting wood, rusting steel, de-laminating materials such as plywood, a broken hose, cracks in a home’s foundation, and plumbing leaks that begin from a natural disaster can also bring about water and even fire damage. Natural disaster recovery is a restoration process that can involve a broad scope of necessary services to return your home or business to an environment that is safe and inhabitable.

Natural Disaster Causes All Sorts of Damage

Natural disaster recovery could involve the restoration of water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, basement cleanup and dry out, water and sewage extraction, complete structural drying, dehumanization, disinfection and sanitization, removal of damaged content, demolition and remodeling, and smoke damage and carpet cleaning. Often, recovery from a natural disaster will require quick and efficient action. The Environmental Protection Agency has specific guidelines on how soon action must be taken to prevent further damage and harm to others.

Water Damage is a Job for Professionals

Though some individuals and business owners will attempt to begin the restoration process on their own, this may lead to additional problems. Someone doing this by themselves might not have the expertise to properly handle the situation, or worse, they might make the damage worse. It is critical that a professional in the field be called in to assist this kind of project. In fact, a professional organization, such as the ATEX Water Damage Restoration, knows how to implement all sorts of recovery procedure from water damage restoration to fire damage recovery to mold remediation and more. Recovery from water and fire damage is a very specialized field that involves knowing how to prevent secondary damage, keep the structure and all its contents from further damage, and most importantly, keep individuals and families safe from harm. Professional organizations, such as Atex Water Damage Restoration, use protective measures, specialized equipment, and specific engineering controls that safely protect you, your family, and your property

The Best Response To Ceiling and Drywall Water Damage

Austin Emergency Water Removal

If your home or business is affected by water damage, there are a few steps you must take to minimize damage. It is vital that you react as promptly as possible because even the smallest amount of delay can cause significant damage to your home. The first thing you must do, if possible, is to turn off the source of water that is causing the problems. Sometimes, this isn’t possible, for example in the case of a leaking roof. In the case of a plumbing problem, call your local water damage restoration service, preferably one who offers round-the-clock services. Most Austin water damage repair experts respond quickly; they know it is essential that standing water is removed from the house as soon as possible.

 Austin water damage repair

Water Damaged Drywall

Water leaks can be just as harmful to drywall as windows left open during the rain. Perhaps the best way to deal with cases involving drywall water damage is to replace the wall altogether. While repairing is an option, the overall cost or repairing can exceed the cost of replacing the affected area of the drywall. Drywall water damage can be temporarily fixed by using some tape and a coat of paint, but relying on temporary methods only tends to increase the damage and cost in the long run.

Water Removal in Austin

Only experts in water removal in Austin should take to the job of removing standing water. Standing water can become toxic is a short time. There’s also the danger of severe electric shock unless the power is turned off at the meter. There somethings things you can do to mitigate the damage. You can turn off the power, avoid any air circulation in the house, remove personal belongings from the affected areas, and roll up any curtains or drapes you might have.

Proper Action and Patience

Have patience with the emergency water removal experts. They will clear all the water from your area and use the right equipment to dry it out completely to avoid growth of any mold. Their equipment might be loud, but it is worth the patience if you want to have your house back to being home.





Metal Roofs –Commercial Roofing Contractor Specialty!

Metal Roofs

A few of the Houston commercial roofing contractors offer commercial roofing with a specialization in metal roofing. Metal roofing materials add interest, are visually appealing, and are well known for their long lifespans. Whether you need a durable roof that will last for decades or want to make an architectural statement, you will need a commercial roofing contractor capable of the job.


Metal Roofing Restoration Option

If you currently have an older metal roof, you may have been advised to replace it. However, it is a good idea to investigate restoring that old roof. With today’s new technology, your old metal roof can be restored to better than new. The bonus is it can be done for half the cost of a new roof. Either way, you will want to talk with a reputable metal roofing company with substantial metal roofing restoration experience that can provide the options you require and expert advice on the process of metal roofing restoration.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Commercial roofing contractors have long touted metal roofing for benefits such as durability, beauty, and energy efficiency. As more companies adopt “green” initiatives, metal roofing is getting a second look. With a variety of recyclable materials, new coatings such as heat barriers and reflective coatings, and panels that can easily accept solar cells, today’s metal roofs are long-lasting, beautiful, and energy-efficient.

Durable Metal Roofing for Dallas Businesses

When shopping for commercial roofing, the upfront cost of metal roofing appears on the higher end of the scale when compared with traditional commercial roofing materials. However, what many business owners fail to look at is the lifetime cost of ownership. If you are tired of extensive roof repairs and frequent roof replacements, you will love the durability and extended life spans of metal roofing! Metal roofs require very little maintenance and can last for well over 50 years.  A commercial roofing contractor will be happy to show you the long-term cost of ownership for the roofing types you are considering so that you can make the best decisions possible.

What Is Considered a Green Roof ?

What Is a Green Roof In Houston?

To determine what constitutes eco-friendly Houston roofing, we will need to consider first just what a roof actually does. First, and foremost, a roof keeps rainwater away from our heads and safeguards the walls and interiors of our houses; second, a roof keep us safe from flames; third, they add to the curb appeal of our homes; and finally, a Houston roof can provide heat abatement.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

There are several Houston roofing materials which have eco-friendly qualities and have been used for hundreds of years. Slate, clay tile, and wooden shake all come from mother nature and have better toughness than asphalt shingles. Granted they are usually more pricey, and you need a competent Houston roofing contractor for the installation, but they are generally worth the added cost in durability, insulation capability, and eco-friendliness. In Houston, metal roofing has grown into one of the more popular eco-friendly roofing materials. Most metal roofing is made up of reused material. Metal roofing materials are often created to look like any of the other styles of roofing product. Metal roofing gives better insulation capacity compared to asphalt roofing shingles, and has a much longer service life.

Houston Roofing Contractor

Some Green Roofs are Garden Roofs

Whenever you hear the saying eco-friendly roof, you might conjure up images of good for the environment, flat garden roofs having multiple varieties of drought-tolerant green vegetation spouting up. Green roofing made up of plant life weigh about fifteen lbs for every sq. Ft., frequently demanding additional structural reinforcement. Green roofs are often flat roofs or those that have a shallow incline. Also, these types of garden-variety eco-friendly roofs need to be irrigated and weeded routinely. Most homeowners don’t possess the desire to be that eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Roofing

So what alternative factors can contribute to a Houston roof to be classified as eco-friendly? Whenever deciding what is green and what’s not, there are various components to consider, such as the raw material source and composition, strength, life cycle, upkeep, and disposal.

Typically There Are Tradeoffs

An exceedingly sturdy and efficient material (for example metal roofing) may need extra power to create. Price and ease of installation aren’t essential eco-friendly qualities but are typical issues with your selection. A high-performance Houston roofing material in conjunction with a well-insulated attic space will help to make your house dry and warm in the winter and cool during summer. Your roofing material is the last level of protection from the outdoor climate and inside heat loss. For additional information about eco-friendly roofing for your home, find a local Houston roofing contractor